The Cons are just rad, dude!

XXXXYou know the drill: a political party panders to a certain demographic, hilarity ensues when it fails spectacularly. Case in point: the Conservatives’ long running ‘CPC Energy’ campaign to attract young voters to the fold. He’s right there on the front page of the website, complete with frizzy hair and hipster t-shirt, wearing a look that suggests he’s more familiar with PCP than CPC. “Freak out your roommate. Join the Conservatives.” reads the copy. (A variation reads, “Freak out your prof. Join the Conservatives.”, and is accompanied with a picture of a lefty-looking post-menopausal frumpet in horn rims. Take that, haughty, frumpy post-menopausal academics!)

The site, a cliché of edgy fonts and out-there lingo (clothes become ‘swag’, news becomes ‘intel’, etc.), serves as a reminder how, when trying to recruit young’uns, political parties inevitably resort to stereotype. It also reminds me why I never voted for anything in university.

Catch you on the flipside, dudemeisters.

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