The Green Shift, part two

Thank you to every one who posted comments – almost every one took the time to write thoughtful and well-researched criticism.

I’d like to address the comment from that “Canada’s 2.3% of global emisions” don’t actually matter “in respect to the fate of the planet.” As a small country, it is quite easy to feel irrelevant, especially when you’re stuck next to an elephantine super power. However, Canada has been known to punch well beyond its weight in many issues, including the environment. For example, Mulroney was the first leader to sign the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in 1992, which was a predecessor to the Kyoto Protocol. He was hugely instrumental in bringing Ronald Reagan on board to the acid rain treaty, which sharply reduced sulphur emissions. Fast forward twenty years and there is a huge demand for creativity, innovation and leadership on this issue. Saying “we don’t really matter” isn’t just unsatisfactory and  spineless, it also ignores this country’s contribution to history.