The Liberal war room added canned outrage to its interests

From a minutes-old Liberal party press release:

Conservatives use new and expectant mothers as props

OTTAWA—The Conservatives sank to new lows yesterday by inviting expectant women and new mothers to an announcement on daycare that turned out to be nothing more than a photo-op with Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Rona Ambrose.

Owner of the Boomerang Kids store Krista Thompson was contacted by an organizer in Conservative Member of Parliament Royal Galipeau’s office and was told there was going to be, “a big announcement on child care.” (Canadian Press, September 9, 2008 19:07)

In fact, the event was a misinformation campaign.

Participants said they felt duped.

“I’m feeling incredibly naive in this whole thing. … I’m a whole lot more eyes-wide-open after this than I was before,” said Ms. Thompson. “It’s embarrassing.” (Canadian Press, September 9, 2008 19:07)

Don Martin on Stéphane Dion’s food safety announcement in Walkerton, Ont. yesterday:

A teacher pulled me aside after Dion’s talk to confide that Walkerton students are sick of being poster kids for poison products in the aftermath of the killer E. coli contaminated water disaster of 2000.

That’s why local reporters, who had been told Dion would limit his speech to his Green Shift carbon tax plan, winced when told it was a product safety announcement. Walkerton’s water supply is a tragedy kids and parents alike would rather forget and Dion’s media parade merely refreshed the stigma for national consumption.

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