I had to go back to work. Finding childcare for my son in B.C. was a nightmare

“We’ve had to pull money from our retirement savings to pay for childcare”

All together now: Childcare is not a boutique women’s issue

Shannon Proudfoot: Politicians have repeatedly referred to childcare as a mother’s problem, undercutting the essential fact that we all have skin in this game

Trudeau gives Freeland the thumbs up after she delivered the federal budget in the House of Commons on April 19, 2021 (CP/Sean Kilpatrick)

Budget 2021: The Liberal path out of the pandemic and back to work

In the Liberals’ optimistic budget, recovery is coming. It will take extensions of key pandemic programs, plus childcare, job training, student grants and business supports.

Freeland arrives to deliver the federal budget in the House of Commons on April 19, 2021 (CP/Sean Kilpatrick)

Budget 2021: The Liberals’ massive, historic, very costly bet on childcare

Childcare for an average of $10 a day within five years? The budget’s big offering is ambitious and essential, say experts. It will also be an enormous job to pull off.

Freeland delivers the federal budget in the House of Commons on April 19, 2021 (CP/Sean Kilpatrick)

Budget 2021: Welcome back, standard operating procedures

Paul Wells: The budget focuses on the sort of things a government like Canada’s should be working on right now. But the big bet is on childcare—and the devil is in the details.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau makes his way to a press conference in Ottawa on Oct. 16, 2020 (CP/Sean Kilpatrick)

A progressive federal budget and how to pay for it

Ed Broadbent and Brittany Andrew-Amofah: To ‘build back better’ Canada will need childcare, pharmacare, a green recovery—and new measures to sustain them

How to raise outdoor-loving, independent kids? Ask the Germans.

Class sleepovers, transit trips without an adult, early lessons with fire. Sara Zaske’s ‘Achtung Baby’ explores the German approach to parenting.

Ontario election 2018: Childcare promises that Doug Ford, the NDP and the Liberals are making

Daycare in Ontario can cost parents as much as $20,000 a year. So which campaign promises for childcare make the most sense?

Kathleen Wynne’s re-election bid is off to a bad start

Jen Gerson: When you are seen to run a financially undisciplined nanny state, a pre-election spending spree is a bad idea

Ontario Liberals promise free preschool child care in 2020

Critics say it leaves parents with children younger than two-and-a-half with little relief

Why women’s economic equality is lagging under Trudeau

For a government that claims to be feminist, it has barely moved the dial on childcare, pay equity and better jobs for women, says a new report

Want to help kids? Build skills instead of pointing fingers.

Economist Kevin Milligan responds to critics of his controversial new paper on Quebec’s low-cost childcare program