The McCain Makeover

In recent days, the McCain campaign has indicated that its candidate will undergo a makeover in order to convey a clearer, crisper message. It appears that Obama’s lead in the national polls has added to the concerns that McCain may not be up to the task. It is not abnormal that consultants and political advisors come to such a conclusion. While McCain is fundamentally a decent man, his campaign has lacked focus and seems to be devoid of energy.

The usual antidote is a makeover. But what cannot be made over is the Bush legacy. An interminable war in Iraq, a less than stellar performance on the environment, cases of corruption, an extremely fragile economy, a loss of moral leadership in the world, no significant social policy advances, a seemingly out of control rise in oil prices, and the disastrous management of Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath cannot be erased from the minds of the public. It is highly likely that the Democrats will sweep both Houses of Congress in a convincing manner. The fact that McCain is only less than 10 points behind Obama in national polls has more to do with McCain than with the Republican administration of George W. Bush. John McCain can polish his image, but how can he seriously defend a Bush legacy that obviously can’t be made over?

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