George W. Bush

From Reagan to Trump: A timeline of presidents’ first 100 days

From cabinet approvals to major achievements to assassination attempts, how Trump compares to presidents 40 to 45 in their first 100 days

When Trudeau meets Trump: advice from an ex-ambassador

The last time a first bilateral meeting was so politically fraught, Bush was president—and Michael Kergin was our envoy to the U.S.

How prime ministers deal with unpopular presidents

What can Justin Trudeau learn from his predecessors when he meets Donald Trump on Monday?

The Iranian republic we don’t know

Behind the troubled regime is a nation desperate for change, having to make progress stealthily

Is America ready for a third Bush president?

George W.’s brother Jeb is suddenly a leading Republican candidate, and he might be the best Bush yet


This week’s newsmakers

Bieber brushes up on his history, Big Ben takes a rare break and a comic hero comes out of the transgender closet


Mitchel Raphael on the Frum family and an MP’s rapper-actor son

Frum gets a conservative welcome, and Joyce Murray’s son is up for a Drama Desk Award


Cannes: Where the stars talk politics

Superheroes save the world at home, but anti-heroes are the avengers in France

Obama the hawk

Obama the hawk

Sure, he’s pulling troops out of Iraq, but he’s found lethal new ways to flex America’s military muscle


Bush, Castro and human rights

A few weeks after NDP MP Don Davies suggested Dick Cheney should be barred from entering Canada, Amnesty International says Canadian authorities should arrest George W. Bush when he visits next week. It’s not clear that we have the power to do so. Jason Kenney is unimpressed.


Do the math

Nate Silver measures the impact of campaign advertising.


REVIEW: In my time

Book by Dick Cheney