Thieves make off with millions in diamonds during heist at Brussels airport

In a scenario that could easily work as a plot twist in a James Bond movie, a group of thieves has made off with millions of dollars worth of diamonds after holding up an airplane bound for Switzerland.

The crime happened Monday evening, when two vehicles full of men broke through a fence at the Brussels Airport and stormed a Brinks van as is was loading diamonds onto a passenger plane, reports BBC News.

The eight men reportedly used a flashing blue light, in an attempt to pose as police officers. They were armed with machine guns, but did not fire any shots. The entire heist was over within five minutes, said officials.

The estimated value of the gems — which were contained in 120 parcels — varies, with the Associated Press saying they are likely worth as much as $50 million. The packages were mostly diamonds, but contained some precious metals as well.

Police later found a burned out minivan nearby, reports The Guardian.

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