This Hour Has 22 Minutes spoofs Lorde with ‘Tories’ by Borde

CBC comedians take on the Senate scandal

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With the Senate scandal dominating news headlines, the cast at This Hour Has 22 Minutes has plenty of fodder, but they may have outdone themselves with a parody of Lorde’s hit song “Royals.”

Meet Borde, a disgruntled Canadian and the woman behind “Tories,” a song about how she wants all the perks Conservative senators and MPs are afforded.

Is a cushy pension, gourmet orange juice and the occasional ride in a Sea King helicopter too much to ask? Probably. Just ask King Steve. “He rules until 2015,” as the song says.

The This Hour Has 22 Minutes spoof is actually pretty close to the Lorde’s “Royals” video. Here it is, to compare.