Timberlake Does 'Us' Proud

Newsflash: Native Scarbarian Mike Myers has made another summer movie. Newsflash, part deux: This time, he’s not playing a horny British spy with bad teeth, but a horny Indian self-help guru with bad hair extensions. There is no mistaking that ‘The Love Guru’, set for a June release, is a Mike Myers vehicle; the preview alone showcases two of his half-dozen midget jokes, all aimed at poor little Verne “Mini Me” Troyer.

None of this would merit precious Deux Maudits Anglais real estate were it not for that dapper young Justin Timberlake. The former Mickey Mouse Clubber and boy band wünderkind, last seen grinding with his mother Madonna in her newest video, takes up the role of Jacques Grande, a Quebecois hockey player and romantic foil to Darren Roanoke, the film’s hapless protagonist. Timberlake wears a pinstripe mustache, feathered hair and a Speedo. Give him 20 years and 40 pounds and he’d look at home on a Florida beach in February.

It’s about damn time Hollywood recycles the overlooked and underused Quebec stereotype. It has me giddy for the days of Slap Shot, the 1977 on-ice romp starring Paul Newman. Quebec stage actor Yvon Barrette plays Denis Lemieux, a befuddled French goalie best known for his unwittingly sublime description of visiting the penalty box: “You go to the box, two minutes by yourself, you feel shame, and then you get free.”

You have very big shoes to fill, Justin.

Thanks to Fagstein for the news on ‘Guru’.


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