“Trickle Down Communism”

GWB did a nice John Crouton impression ce soir, taking his case for a bailout straight to the people earlier this evening, apparently because he felt that situation has reached a critical stage.

I doubt it did much to persuade Bill Perkins, the brains (and moolah) behind yesterday’s full-page piece of citizen activism in the NY Times. The Journal had a neat little profile of Perkins today: he made a small fortune betting that Goldman Sachs would do ok, but he’s so outraged by the reasons why the stock rose that he’s decided to blow it on ads denouncing the feds.

“I see it as trickle-down communism,” Mr. Perkins said. “We have a communist action where everybody is paying for the benefit of the few and hoping the benefits will trickle down to everyone else.”

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