Cuba’s evolution: Bringing change, liberty and WiFi

Allen Abel tours the Communist island to learn what Cubans hope the President’s arrival will bring

Happy Pope Day!

How you feel about John Paul II will tell you how you’ll feel on April 2.

Harper, Communism and the lessons of memory

Paul Wells explains why Harper’s speech deserves a closer listen

Commies even Reagan could love

The Americans is a rare beast: a political show that pleases both right and left

Review: Mao: The Real Story

By Alexander V. Pantsov (with Steven I. Levine)


Red hot summer

While the honouring of Norman Bethune continues to cause a minor fuss, Elizabeth May questions Canada’s relationship to China.


Separating the good communists from the bad communists

She likely did not appreciate the response, but Elizabeth May did get the Prime Minister on his feet with this question at the very end of QP yesterday.

Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister recently said in Colombia that it was a matter of principle that Cuba should be excluded from the Summit of the Americas. As Communist China keeps buying up Canada, I am wondering where the principle is. While Cuba has a long way to go, it recently held an open mass where the Pope invited Cuban Catholics to worship. There is no such freedom of religion in China’s persecution of Tibetan monks, Falun Gong and Christians, which goes unimpeded.

Sino-Forest: a prolonged moan from the investigators

Sino-Forest’s troubles give a valuable glimpse of the inner workings of Chinese “capitalism”

From Mao to now

North Korea echoes China’s horrors under Mao

Pyongyang’s funerary pomp and strategy of terror mirror the darkest days of its communist neighbour

Saying nyet to a Soviet emblem

Saying nyet to a Soviet emblem

Europe’s highest court bans the hammer and sickle from being trademarked


A communist memorial seeks capital

Plans to erect a monument commemorating victims of Communist rule face a lack of public interest (and funding)


Whose sovereignist is on first?

While the Prime Minister’s Office tries to explain the difference between Denis Lebel and Nycole Turmel, Pat Martin invokes the red-baiting days of yore.