Undercovers agent

In all the hoo-haw over the BedbugTM affair (incidentally, talk about burying the lede: this Toronto Star story doesn’t get around to that particularly salacious detail until the eighteenth graf), amid all the unanswered questions and unfounded accusations, one possibility has not yet been considered: that the lovely Ms Couillard is actually an RCMP agent.

That would explain why she kept urging her underworld lovers to turn Queen’s evidence. That would explain why she was not detained when she and some of her biker gang associates were picked up in a police sweep.

It would also explain why there was no police background check on her after she became Maxime Bernier’s official girlfriend, or why, if there was, it did not seem to ring any alarm bells with the security people — it is not often, after all, that a person who had spent many years in the intimate company of organized crime is invited to meet the President of the United States, unless they’re a campaign contributor. It would explain why the government has been so signally unable to explain any of this. It may even explain why Bernier felt comfortable leaving classified documents in her possession.

I know what you’re thinking. Her behaviour since the story broke is hardly what one would expect of a trained police agent: going on TV, trying to sell her story to the press, complaining of bugs in her bed. Well, of course. If she was an undercover agent, the last thing she would do is act like one. Rather, she’d behave erratically, flightily, exactly like the serial former mobster moll she presents herself as.

I’m just sayin’….

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