Maxime Bernier

People's Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier attends a rally in Calgary on Saturday. (Jeff McIntosh/CP)

The two pols on the prairie who kneecapped Erin O’Toole

The federal Tory leader cannot be feeling kindly toward Jason Kenney. And certainly not toward Maxime Bernier.

Bernier speaks at a rally in Toronto on Sept. 16, 2021 (Chris Young/CP)

The revenge of Maxime Bernier

Stephen Maher: The PPC leader appears to be keener on doing in the Conservatives than winning seats. It all began back in 2017.

Maxime Bernier, Leader of the Peoples Party of Canada (PPC) speaks at a rally in Toronto on Thursday, September 16, 2021. (Chris Young/CP)

There’s no ignoring Maxime Bernier, the X-factor of this election

Election Image of the Day: Campaigning in hostile territory is no problem when you’re not expecting to win any seats

(Photo by ANDREJ IVANOV/AFP via Getty Images)

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The moral cowardice of Canadian media is leaving racism unchallenged

Andray Domise: Our cancerous political climate, and all the attendant bigotry that arrived with it, is what happens when the media does nothing

Why won’t Maxime Bernier denounce the terror attack in Christchurch?

Stephen Maher: It would be a meaningful gesture to stand with Muslims against hate. The People’s Party leader seems more intent on courting deluded voters.

The real bad news in Burnaby South might be for Andrew Scheer

Stephen Maher: A poll in the riding put Maxime Bernier’s party at nine per cent—and numbers like that could mean the Tories have a problem

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