We've got answers! Well, *an* answer, at least , to the "What the heck was in these documents anyway?" question

… unfortunately for those of us who have to hit the sack early in order to be up at the crack of dawn for three hours of syndication interviews on CBC radio, it just leaves us with more questions:

From Canadian Press:

The resignation announcement came a scant two hours before Julie Couillard was broadcast on French-language television network TVA telling viewers her former lover left documents at her house.

She refused to say what they were. She said they were left over at her place last month, and that she returned them to the Foreign Affairs department several days ago on the advice of her lawyer.

A source told The Canadian Press that the package included a mix of classified material and other briefing notes publicly available through the Access to Information Act.

The package, he said, was preparation material for Mr. Bernier’s trip to the NATO summit in Bucharest – where Canada announced the extension of its military mission in Afghanistan until 2011.

Here’s what I don’t get, though. By “last month”, I’m assuming she meant April, but the NATO summit was held at the beginning of April – April 2-4, to be exact. Why would Bernier have been toting around briefing books for a summit that had already come and gone? And when the story broke in the Quebec press in early May, didn’t he claim that the relationship had been over for several weeks?

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