When Senate appointments go horribly wrong

From this morning’s post-QP scrums; Denis Coderre responds to comments reportedly made by Senator Michael Fortier on whether he would have asked questions about Maxime Bernier’s ex-girlfriend:

Question: [Senator Michael] Fortier seems to be saying that if he was in opposition —

Denis Coderre: He would have done the same thing?

Question: Yes. What do you make of that since
the prime minister yesterday said you’re all, what is it, busybodies?

Denis Coderre: Well, is that odd couple? I think that Mr.
Fortier should learn what’s ministerial solidarity I guess but it seems
that now we know that when they were in opposition they were acting
even worse than that. All we care is to ask a legitimate question on
national security. But to have Mr. Fortier who’s saying those kind of
things. I think that the prime minister should take a look of the
friendship between Mr. Fortier and Mr. Bernier.