Are they too fit to flunk?

Who’s suing whom

Quebec: Two Lévis siblings who failed CEGEP because of what they allege is an unreasonable fitness test are suing their school for $25,000 each. Both had high grades and are physically active, but flunked the test, and thus a required course, despite intense training. The school says the test has a low failure rate and is crucial for keeping students healthy.

Ontario: A student at the University of Western Ontario is suing police officers and his university, alleging that the authorities used excessive force when arresting him at the school. He was charged with mischief, resisting arrest, escaping lawful custody and assaulting a police officer, but the charges were stayed. A YouTube video of the alleged incident shows the 22-year-old being struck at least 35 times. He’s seeking $750,000 in damages, claiming that the alleged incident has left him suffering chronic pain.

Saskatchewan: Four Rocanville men are suing the province for up to $75 million in lost income because they say drilling contracts they secured had to be cancelled after the government instituted new oil regulations that they claim violate their property rights. No defence has yet been filed.

Alberta: A Calgary woman who fought for two years to have her son returned from the U.S. is being sued for an undisclosed amount by the Oregon government. In 2008, the boy was in Oakridge, Ore., visiting his stepfather, whom the state didn’t recognize as a legal guardian, when he was placed in foster care. He was returned to his mother in June after a lengthy legal battle, but the government is seeking reimbursement for his child support and medical care.

British Columbia: A Port Moody man is suing the RCMP for an alleged attack by a police dog. The man claims he was acting “lawfully” when the animal jumped him, causing deep gashes in his leg, neurological damage, and various other injuries. The RCMP has not yet filed a defence.

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