Dr. Hayley Wickenheiser explains a remarkable letter she wrote to her future self

The former hockey player, now physician Dr. Hayley Wickenheiser reflects on a letter she penned to herself at the start of med school

Hayley Wickenheiser's letter to herself. (Courtesy of Hayley Wickenheiser)

Hayley Wickenheiser’s letter to herself. (Courtesy of Hayley Wickenheiser)

Hockey legend Hayley Wickenheiser graduated from med school at the University of Calgary this year. At the beginning of her degree, students were asked to write a letter to their future selves; after their last exam in April, the letters were returned. Wickenheiser had forgotten about the letter she had scrawled to herself. Reading it, she was overwhelmed with emotion. “I actually started crying. My son looked at me and said, ‘Well Mum, it’s a big deal, you made it.’”

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