Prajakta Dhopade

Prajakta is an associate editor at Maclean's.

Blown away: Glassblowing’s blazing hot moment on Netflix

How Sheridan College students helped a Netflix series raise the profile of the artistic medium

Hayley Wickenheiser's letter to herself. (Courtesy of Hayley Wickenheiser)

Dr. Hayley Wickenheiser explains a remarkable letter she wrote to her future self

The former hockey player, now physician Dr. Hayley Wickenheiser reflects on a letter she penned to herself at the start of med school

(Illustration by Raj Gupta)

What it will really take to rename Toronto’s Dundas Street

Toronto’s iconic Dundas Street is about to get a new, more inclusive identity. But renaming a major thoroughfare that runs through the heart of Canada’s largest city is no small undertaking.

Litoria mira (Courtesy of Steve Richards/South Australian Museum)

Harry Potter’s chocolate frog—but in real life

Meet a recently identified tree frog with a Harry Potter spin


Six viral memes and how their owners cashed in

The people (and pets) behind these viral memes are funding their futures by selling pieces of internet history

Fung Ling Feimo at the Ogden building. (Photograph by Colin Way)

A doorway to a hidden past in Calgary

A building on Ogden Road in Calgary has a rare link to the history of the city’s Chinese community. But its future hangs in the balance as it finds itself in the path of the proposed Green Line transit system.

Kristine McLeod, deputy grand chief of Gwich’in Tribal Council, and Kelly McLeod, President of the Nihtat Gwich'in at the Inuvik sign they plan to restore (Photograph by Tony Devlin)

The legacy of Inuvik’s iconic ‘End of the Dempster’ sign

The Gwich’in Tribal Council and Nihtat Gwich’in Tribal Council will move the beloved hand-painted sign in the N.W.T. town to what many consider the real end of the Dempster Highway

McArthur underwent rhinoplasty during lockdown; it gave her new confidence (Photograph by Carmen Cheung)

The COVID cocoon: Meet the people who transformed themselves during lockdown

The isolation of the past year has functioned as a cocoon for some, providing an opportunity to grow and change, whether it be physically—through weight loss and plastic surgery—or mentally

Liberica coffee beans; LeClair’s roast gives a sweet and jackfruity brew, with hints of almond (Photograph by Carey Shaw)

This Saskatoon man is selling two rare species of coffee. Experts say he’s on to something.

You’re likely familiar with arabica and robusta. But have you ever tried Liberica? Jeremy LeClair’s pandemic pivot might be coming at just the right time for the specialty coffee crowd.

(Bayne Stanley/CP)

Budget 2021: 20 ways it could affect your wallet

Worker benefit extensions, promises of affordable child care, a federal minimum wage hike and more


Hayley Wickenheiser, a hockey hero, rallied the nation when COVID hit

While working the frontlines as a med student, Wickenheiser saw COVID’s impact with her own eyes. She volunteered to secure badly needed PPE, and then advocated for fellow athletes.

Julie Nolke. This portrait was taken in accordance with public health recommendations, taking all necessary steps to protect participants from COVID-19. (Photograph by Christie Vuong)

This YouTube star used comedy as pandemic therapy—and amassed millions of fans

When Julie Nolke mock-explained the virus to a past version of herself, that video went viral—and tapped into the grim and incredulous mood of the beginning of the crisis