Polls: Showered with love and all bets are off

British Columbia: Many in B.C. don’t buy the pitch that the Northern Gateway pipeline will create long-term jobs. A poll by research firm Mustel Group found 61 per cent think most jobs created by the pipeline, which would carry bitumen to the West Coast for shipment to Asia, would be short term, and that long-term employment opportunities would be lost because oil would be refined overseas.

Alberta: It used to be that Canadians saved their casual contempt for Toronto, that perceived bastion of snootiness and self-satisfaction. But according to a recent poll by Harris Decima, many residents of Vancouver and Toronto are just as scornful of Albertans. About a quarter thought people from Alberta are greedy and arrogant, while 40 per cent said people in the oil-rich province don’t care about the rest of Canada.

Ontario: Most people in Ontario don’t want to double down on casinos to help solve the cash-strapped province’s fiscal woes. A survey found that 69 per cent of Ontarians oppose the construction of new casinos in Toronto and Ottawa, even though, according to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, such venues would bring the province an additional $1 billion in revenue per year.

Quebec: When it comes to getting steamy in the shower, Quebecers are most keen. According to a new poll, 58 per cent of respondents from the province admit to having shower sex occasionally. Compare that with the Prairies, where 41 per cent of Albertans admit to the odd romp in the shower, and 46 per cent do from Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Nova Scotia: People in Nova Scotia—along with residents of Newfoundland, P.E.I. and New Brunswick—are most likely to consult their pharmacists on health issues, according to a national survey by Nielsen PanelViews. In a region that has the fewest physicians per capita in the country, nearly half of respondents have spoken to pharmacists about “minor ailments.”

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