Doubling Down

Doubling down on casinos

Provinces are addicted to gaming revenue, and it’s a dependence that’s only going to get worse

Michael Bryant calls the casino industry’s bluff

“A casino is a factory of broken dreams — a scam for “recreational” gamblers, a shell game for taxpayers, and a rat trap for addicts”


‘It’s naive’

NDP MP Brian Masse questions the pro sports leagues’ opposition to Joe Comartin’s sports betting bill.


Polls: Showered with love and all bets are off

British Columbia: Many in B.C. don’t buy the pitch that the Northern Gateway pipeline will create long-term jobs. A poll by research firm Mustel Group found 61 per cent think most jobs created by the pipeline, which would carry bitumen to the West Coast for shipment to Asia, would be short term, and that long-term employment opportunities would be lost because oil would be refined overseas.

And it’s Rent-Seeking by a nose

Slot machine revenues are subsidizing Ontario racetracks


It’s a hold’em-up

The gaming industry grapples with a poker tournament heist


Idea alert

Joe Comartin advocates for sports gambling.