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Maclean’s Live: Watch a very different kind of Lego Movie

Maclean’s is proud to live-stream the Perimeter Institute’s public lecture, with this talk exploring the building blocks of our universe

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Is the world a hologram? What are black holes? And can string theory help explain them?

Maclean’s is proud once again to offer a live-stream of the Perimeter Institute’s brilliant public lectures today at 7pm ET. This lecture will feature Dr. Amanda Peet, a physicist at the University of Toronto, who will describe whether string theory can be the building blocks that could help us figure out the unshakeable mystery of black holes. She’ll try to figure out: What are the Legos of the universe? What is its operating system? Watch our live-stream, at 7pm ET, below. If you missed the lecture, it will be online within 24 hours after the live event.

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