Getting dressed. (Illustration by Marie-Danielle Smith)

Memos from the before time: How to get dressed, have small talk and enjoy happy hour

We’re all pandemic zombies who have forgotten how to interact. Here are some handy survival tips.
The Artemis Accords, a new international agreement on space exploration, may help us decamp (Corbis/Getty Images)

Canada’s escape from planet Earth?

Shannon Gormley: There are many things that are great about outer space but I think we can all agree that its most attractive feature is that it is not directly adjacent to the United States
Erin O’Toole and Peter MacKay. (O’Toole photograph by Blair Gable; MacKay photograph by Dimitri Aspinall)

And the winner is O’Toole! But wait .. isn’t that MacKay?

If Tories are looking for a middle-aged male leader who took law at Dal, followed his dad into politics, served in the Harper cabinet, likes pipelines, struggles with French and recognizes Pride Month, we have wonderful news
Trudeau holds a harvesting knife as he harvests food at the Ottawa Food Bank Farm in Ottawa, on July 1, 2020 (CP/Justin Tang)

Prime Minister, how much broccoli did your family eat? In detail!

Marie-Danielle Smith: The PM appeared before committee for the first time. Here is an approximation of what happened, in language we can all understand.