Accounting for Mark Carney

John Geddes considers the rules that apply to the governor of the Bank of Canada.

Paul Boothe defends Mr. Carney.

As a former central banker, I understand very well the value of central bank independence and credibility.  My own view is that I doubt very much that the independence or credibility of the Bank of Canada has been impaired … Having worked side-by-side with Mark Carney, I do know that he is a person of enormous talent, energy and most importantly, integrity.  He drives a hard bargain, but always with the public good clearly in mind.  From personal experience, gained working together in the pressure-cooker environment of senior public service, I have come to trust Mark to use his talent and energy to always do what he believes is right for Canada.  Nothing I have read has shaken my confidence in his purpose or his integrity.

I’m told Mr. Carney is scheduled to appear before the British treasury committee on February 7.