UPDATED: Ah, nostalgia

UPDATED with brand-new thoughts from Elizabeth, below

“Harper and Layton have their plan. Nothing can interfere with their plan. Their plan, to destroy the Liberal party, is a route to electoral success for both of them. But my concern about climate means that I can’t play into the game that says it doesn’t matter if Harper is elected… My commitment is ensuring that Mr. Harper isn’t prime minister at the end of the next election.”

“In 2005, I’d been on the phone with Jack Layton right up until the government fell. Until that point, I’d believed in him. I’d admired him. He told me that he’d only gone into federal politics over his concern for the climate. I’d been on the phone with him begging him: ‘don’t bring down the government on the day of the opening of the climate conference.’ I remember leaving him a voicemail on his cell saying: ‘Jack, I don’t know how you live with yourself. I don’t know how you could possibly do this.'”

“It’s not about politics. And it sure isn’t about whether I prefer any party over the Greens. I refuse to play these stupid strategic games that would win us a few seats, but lose us the planet. It’s rather clear in my mind what’s more important.”

Elizabeth May, so long ago

UPDATE: From Monday’s Globe:

“’New Democrats, search your hearts,’ she said Sunday in an interview, repeating a line she delivered during the local candidates debates last week attended by hundreds of Nova Scotians intrigued by this high-profile local battle….

“In response to criticism from within her own party, Ms. May acknowledged yesterday that her message is confusing….

“‘I love our candidates. I think they’re fantastic people,’ said Ms. May. ‘…I cannot lie to voters and say there is no issue [with voting Green] in these ridings. I trust the voters. That’s what it comes down to.'”