Elizabeth May

(L-R): Annamie Paul, Andrew West, Amita Kuttner, Glen Murray, David Merner, Courtney Howard, Dimitri Lascaris and Meryam Haddad (Courtesy of the Annamie Paul campaign; Courtesy of the Green Party of Canada)

When it comes to Elizabeth May’s successor, the Green Party is spoiled for choice

The bounty of leadership candidates (eight in total, including an ER physician, a former mayor and several lawyers) is a sign of the Greens’ ‘optimistic’ future

What these famous Canadians would do with their leap day

2020 is a leap year. P.K. Subban, Jagmeet Singh, Elizabeth May and Aurora Browne on what they’d do with their whole extra day.

The Green Party after Elizabeth May

Under the right leadership, the party might have accomplished so much more in the last election. It has a chance to right itself, if it’s not already too late.

How Justin Trudeau held on: The story of a gruelling, messy campaign

The path to a Liberal minority was paved with low points and sloppy moments. In this election, there were no undiluted victories.

Transcript: Elizabeth May’s post-election speech

What did Green Party leader Elizabeth May say after the election on Oct. 21? Find out here.

If only hugs were votes

Against the backdrop of widespread climate concern, this federal election was supposed to be the Greens’ breakout. What happened?

Elizabeth May: ‘We will not allow the Parliament of Canada to let down our children’

Anne Kingston: The Green Party leader told her election night crowd that she will hold a minority government’s feet to the fire.

Why is this tree cheating on Elizabeth May and the Greens?

Election Image of the Day: Jagmeet Singh takes a campaign swing through the Green Party’s stomping grounds—a sure sign he feels he has the upper hand on them

Abolishing the Indian Act means eliminating First Nations’ rights

Pam Palmater: The Indian Act is used as a target to deflect blame for racist decisions made by the federal government; a clever guise to force the surrender of all First Nations’ rights

There’s no hiding the personal toll of an election campaign

Election Image of the Day: Elizabeth May telling her husband she won’t be home on Thanksgiving Sunday reminds us that party leaders are people, too

Leaders debate ‘environment’ segment reveals the adults in the room

Anne Kingston: Annexing discussion of the environment in a category is particularly egregious at a moment many voters say the climate crisis is high on their list of concerns.

Where to watch tonight’s leaders debate (and all your other questions, too)

Everything you need to know about the where, when and how of tonight’s rumble in the Outaouais