All or nothing

Susan Delacourt notes an interesting question posed at an all-candidates debate in Kitchener.

One of the audience members had posed an intriguing question during the debate — he said MPs are valued for their independent-mindedness, so in that spirit, could all the candidates say what part of their party’s platform they don’t endorse? Former Liberal MP Andrew Telegdi said he had some problems with his party’s support of some law-and-order measures by the Conservatives. The Green Party candidate, Cathy MacLellan, said she was still “working through” some of  the finer points in her party’s platform  on genetically modified organisms. Then, when it came time for the NDP candidate to speak up, Bill Brown said sorry, he supported the NDP’s platform in its entirety and wouldn’t be standing for office if he couldn’t. Peter Braid said more or less the same thing.

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