Any questions?

After taking 15 questions yesterday from reporters about other topics—John Baird’s speech at the United Nations, Barbara George, Omar Khadr and Rob Anders—Bob Rae suggests his own topic.

Well, that’s not—the issue is—that’s an issue for Mr. Harper to deal with but the specific issue of Mr. Anders’ comments have to be brought to ground.  Is no one interested here in contaminated food? I’m kind of amazed at the questions today. Like you’ve got to—you know, I can’t quite believe the— everybody comes here with an agenda but like is nobody aware of what’s going on? You have a minister of the crown who told us last week that no contaminated food had found its way onto the shelves and now we have a situation where over nine people are sick and a little girl has just had an operation. I mean I would have thought that would be a subject of interest for the media.

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