Au revoir, Mr. Martin

Original Reform MP and current Liberal MP Keith Martin will not seek re-election.

“One of the greatest honours a Canadian could have is to serve our nation as an MP,” Martin said. “I am profoundly grateful to the citizens of Esquimalt–Juan de Fuca who have given me their trust and confidence since 1993. “Canada’s institutions need new blood and new ideas and it is neither sensible nor fair for someone to stay too long.

Eight years ago, after the Liberal government of the day preempted a vote on a private member’s bill of his, Mr. Martin somewhat famously seized the ceremonial mace, held it over his head and declared that Canada was no longer a democracy. He was briefly suspended for his efforts, but the resulting House debate, including Mr. Martin’s explanation for himself, can be found here. Mr. Martin expressed further concern for our democratic process as recently as this past June.