Big meanie

The National Post ed board comes out in favour of civil and sensitive discourse today.

In Mr. Ignatieff’s defense, it doesn’t seem much of a sin to quite reasonably point out another’s inability to speak straightforwardly and truthfully.

There might be an interesting argument on Mr. Ignatieff’s introduction of race, but while we’re on the subject of factual accuracy, there is this: “And for those who like to keep track of such things (as Mr. Ignatieff evidently does), the Tory caucus has contained a higher percentage of visible minority MPs than the Liberal caucus for years.”

Those who like to keep track of these things have actually found otherwise. Here is the Public Policy Forum’s report on the 39th Parliament, released all of two months ago. By its count, visible minorities made up 13.5% of the last Liberal caucus, compared to 7.1% of Conservatives.

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