Brent Rathgeber Maverick Watch Watch

Brent Rathgeber considers his own maverickness.

One can occasionally be critical of the Government without being disloyal.  I proudly serve in the Conservative (Government) Caucus but do not leave the viewpoints of my constituents behind every time I board a plane to Ottawa.  It is natural for me to question Supply Management, since I represent 140,000 consumers but not a single dairy farmer.  Similarly, all of my adult constituents are taxpayers but only a tiny fraction work for the federal government; as a result, I believe it is appropriate that I question public pensions (including my own) and demand respect for taxpayer dollars generally.

Constructive criticism and holding government to account will invariably lead to better government.  The Opposition’s constitutional mandate is to criticize and oppose.  However, sometimes a critique from the Conservatives’ own benches will be more effective, as Opposition barbs are frequently written off as partisan gamesmanship. Moreover, in the current Parliament, with a Socialist Official Opposition, how realistic is it that a critical examination of spending, social programs or the CBC is going to originate from the side opposite???  Accordingly, I will continue to raise and speak out on matters important to me and my constituents.  Advocating for limiting the size and role of government and respect for taxpayer dollars will occasionally and invariably irk those who are the Government.  But holding the Government to account, will force a well performing Government to perform even better!