BTC: ‘As far as I’m concerned, he should get fired’

From the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix. “Just six days before Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz joked about the listeriosis crisis, a woman in his own riding died after contracting the bacteria. Elizabeth (Betty) Schroh, died Aug. 24… Schroh’s son, Dennis Schroh, said he’s normally a Conservative supporter but is ‘appalled’ by Ritz’s remarks.”

More from Canadian Press. “Elizabeth Schroh’s daughter, Joanne Doetzel, was not as angry as her brother. She said she thought Ritz’s apology was sincere and that he simply made a mistake. ‘He made a flippant remark. I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt and, up until now, he’s been doing a good job, so why should I say resign?’ Doetzel said. ‘People are allowed to make mistakes and hopefully he learns from this one.’ Doetzel noted that her mother voted for Ritz and that after she died Ritz called Doetzel to offer his condolences.”

Update. Missed this sentence from the CP dispatch the first time through. “But Alicia Bigland, another of Elizabeth Schroh’s daughters, pointed out that the condolences were only offered after the family first called Ritz to inform him of her mother’s death.”

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