BTC: Dominic LeBlanc, a man of some wit

Dominic LeBlanc has not appeared here as regularly as some—he’s generally one of the opposition’s finer performers—but his mentions have at least been for mildly amusing reasons. Like this, from October 2007. Arguably the funniest moment of Canada’s 39th Parliament (with all apologies to Peter Van Loan’s oeuvre).

“For reasons unknown, the Liberal backbencher turned to the Speaker at one point on Thursday and asked, ‘Wajid Khan’s hairpiece, is that a prop?’ Then, to the delight of his colleagues he proclaimed, ‘He’s hiding something under the rug’ and ‘Just sweep that under the rug.'”

All right, so not quite comedic genius. But sitting in the gallery one can’t get too selective, lest one lose all hope.

There are also a couple pieces here on LeBlanc’s attempts to conduct a proper press conference—Technical Difficulties and Stick to the Facts. Feel free to extrapolate from them great meaning for his Prime Ministerial ambitions.

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