BTC: He was for Europeans before he was against them

Europe. Not worth the risk. Just ask Stephen Harper.


“The trip to Poland this year was my first. I had a number of very memorable events. I had a tremendous meeting and dinner with Prime Minister Tusk. We agreed on just about everything. I also had a meeting with one of my personal heroes, and that was with former President Lech Wałęsa.”
—Stephen Harper, celebrating historic milestones of Polish community, June 10

“Going forward, our Turning the Corner plan will achieve results very similar to the benchmarks set by the European Union between now and 2020.”
—Stephen Harper, addressing the UK-Canada chamber of commerce, May 29 

“Today I’m pleased to say relations between our two countries have never been stronger or better. Czechs and Canadians are working together to bring freedom, democracy and security to a dangerous world.”
—Stephen Harper, reception for the Czech prime minister, February 29

“Our special kinship with Ukraine was displayed to the world again last month. At UNESCO, Canada proudly co-sponsored the government of Ukraine’s motion honouring the millions who perished in the famine and acknowledging that their deaths were caused by the brutal communist dictatorship of Josef Stalin.”
—Stephen Harper, Holodomor commemoration ceremony, Nov. 28, 2007 

“Thank you very much Mr. Chairman. I have the pleasure of speaking on behalf of not just Canada but also the United Kingdom, Cypress (sic) and Malta.”
—Stephen Harper, addressing the Commonwealth heads of government, Nov. 25, 2007 

“In fact, as you know, this is my third visit to France in less than a year and relations between our two countries are excellent.”
—Stephen Harper, official visit to Paris, June 5, 2007

“But the Prime Minister was adamant: ever since John Diefenbaker, he said, our Conservative party has supported freedom and democracy for Ukraine.  We’re not about to renege on that commitment now.”
—Stephen Harper, reception for Brian Mulroney, April 18, 2007

“The first people to call themselves ‘Canadians’ were French settlers who built their first community initially on the banks of the St. Lawrence on our Atlantic coast, and then across the country. That’s why I start my speeches in French. ”
—Stephen Harper, address at Banquet de la Francophonie, Mar. 24, 2007

“As the leader of Canada’s New Government, I am very pleased to today to pass on the warm regards of my fellow Canadians to the extended family of the Francophonie. I would like to thank our Romanian hosts, especially President Basescu, for their hospitality.”
—Stephen Harper, addresses Francophonie summit, Sept. 28, 2006 

“Now, today in Bucharest, we are marking a particularly special occasion with the opening of this new chancery – a symbol of the strong relationship between Canada and Romania.”
—Stephen Harper, opening of Canadian embassy, Sept. 27, 2006

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this is actually my first speech to a business audience outside Canada since becoming Prime Minister. And it is only fitting that it’s to your distinguished organization.”
—Stephen Harper, addressing the UK-Canada chamber of commerce, July 14, 2006

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