BTC: Imaginary government (II)

Remember that time the Public Safety Minister spoke out about non-existent suggestions of a knife registry? A reliable and generous source has provided a transcript of the July 31 scrum exchange. We reprint it here for the sake of posterity. 

Reporter: What sort of rules are in place for buying these type of weapons, these large hunting knives, a Rambo knife some people have described it as, are there any rules or regulations in place for preventing certain people from buying this kind of weapon?

Stockwell Day: Certainly as we know if we’re looking at air travel, there are rules in terms of what you can bring onto an airplane. As I’ve said it’s an extremely rare case, as horrific as it is. Generally there’s little prohibition when it comes to knives. I understand there’s been some suggestion about some, there’s even been some talk on Parliament Hill about some kind of a registry. I just have to say that we have legal
provisions in place now for dealing with crimes, certainly crimes of assault, and I wouldn’t want to even open a discussion on how you would possibly register probably the millions of knives that are being sold for kitchen purposes alone throughout the year, let alone hunting purposes, and others. But we want to make sure the full force of the law applies, that the person is apprehended and dealt with.