BTC: Oui, oui, a thousand times oui

Mr. Dion and the Liberal braintrust—each with a tiny glass of water—are on stage, taking questions. Would you like to know what they’re saying? Or would you rather read some context-free sentences from the party’s platform?

To wit.

Liberals are convinced that the answer is yes.
There is also a need to consider the larger picture.
We need to do dramatically better.
That support begins at the institutional level.
But our plan does much more.
But it also presents a rare opportunity.
But more needs to be done and we intend to do it, together with provinces and local communities.
But we need to go further, in order to enable every Canadian to realize their potential.
This is unacceptable.
Liberals believe in a different approach.
Canada’s accomplishments are the sign of a truly great nation.
Long standing grievances must also be addressed.
Finally, we Canadians understand that our country is not an island.
Above all this, imagine a Canada where the success of the next generation is the objective of our own.

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