BTC: Passive aggression pact

Let the record show that the non-aggression pact between Messrs. Ignatieff and Rae endured precisely nine days—expiring at approximately 5:05pm EST today when the latter implied to Don Newman that associates of the former were spreading baseless accusations about his interest in the Liberal leadership.

Update. Rae, in conversation with Canadian Press. “I think it’s just a misinformation campaign or a disinformation campaign and I just think it doesn’t speak well of what goes on in our business.”

The (mis)information in question was printed in the Globe this morning. But note who the Globe sourced the (mis)information to. “Mr. Rae, the former Ontario NDP premier, has expressed some hesitation to close friends about whether he will enter the campaign.”

So did the Globe speak to said close friends? Was it indeed close friends who were spreading this misinformation? Does that mean that some of Bob Rae’s close friends are working for Michael Ignatieff?

And is everybody super-excited about seven months of this?

Update II. The Globe follows and the melodrama deepens.

Turns out it wasn’t anonymous Ignatieff supporters spreading misinformation about Bob Rae, it was Dominic LeBlanc and his anonymous supporters. Or so says one of Bob Rae’s anonymous supporters, contradicting what Bob Rae himself implied on national television this evening.


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