BTC: The undercard

CBC just aired something of a supplementary debate on the economy. They’re calling it the X-Challenge, but let’s pretend they’re not.

Tonight’s proceedings included Ontario voters in the audience and candidates from the Liberal, Conservative, New Democrat and Green parties on stage. The twist being that the audience was screened to ensure it roughly matched the voting intention of the province at large. And, at the end of 90-minutes, the crowd was polled again to see if they’d at all been persuaded by what they heard and saw.

In the parlance of Jaime’s blog, what follows probably constitutes a spoiler alert.

The standings before, as dictated by Harris-Decima polling:
Conservatives 38, Liberals 33, NDP 17, Green 12

The standings after:
Liberals 52, Conservatives 29, NDP 16, Green 3

Make of this what you will.