BTC: Welcome to the two newest members of the Dion Apologists club

We meet every second Wednesday morning beside the dumpster behind the Confederation building.

Susan Riley: “Some will argue that he is simply, belatedly, facing reality. But haven’t Canadians been clamouring for a different kind of political leader, someone decent, honourable — even his rivals concede that Dion is both — someone who prefers idea-driven politics to cynical strategies, personal abuse and simplistic gimmicks? Didn’t we want fresh ideas and a sense of optimism about our future instead of constantly being told what we can’t have, what we dare not do?”

Richard Warnica: “If Dion step downs, if he takes his apple-basket back to Montreal, back to the academic life that earned him so much mockery in the campaign, I hope he doesn’t disappear from public life. I hope he becomes again the fiery critic he was before entering politics. I’d like to see what a Stephane Dion unfettered by political concerns says about Stephen Harper — and about his own party.”

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