Buying opportunities

Bruce Anderson considers the political possibilities of economic turmoil.

The NDP faces a quandary that goes well beyond the distressing absence of its most popular figure, Jack Layton. Or his temporary replacement by Nycole Turmel, whose ambivalence towards federalism or separatism (whichever it is, or both) has more or less ended her future in Canadian politics before it really began. Mr. Rae has essentially laid out the position that would logically appeal to moderate NDP voters. And the more radical left? Ideas that might appeal to them, at this moment, would be repellant to most other voters, and create great brand risk for the NDP…

For the NDP, the speedy return to health of Jack Layton, a hope shared by a great many people, will not change the fact that the dilemma of how best to position that party, (in a world where China excoriates the U.S. for engorged entitlement programs and a lack of money-sense), may be the toughest assignment of all.

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