CBC/Ekos: Behold the Ignuggernaut!

Our their Kady gives you all the details of the Corp’s latest Ekos poll, which shows an appreciable softening of Conservative support in many parts of the country — and a perhaps-surprising dead-fifth-party bounce for the Greens.

To me, the narrowing of the Conservative lead over the Liberals is the story (though of course a poll is never a story, polls are for dogs, the only poll that counts is the blah blah blah). As for the Greens, my hunch is that it’s a reflection of the issue du jour: disaffection with the prorogation of Prarliament. That’s shenanigans, and the public is perhaps a little less willing than, say, Liberals are to believe a Liberal prime minister would never pull the same stunt. Elizabeth May, on the other hand, wrote a whole book about electoral reform, so her party becomes a wee bit of a refuge for disaffected voters.

Your mileage may vary. Discuss in the comment box below! Say learned things about the margin of error! All ages can play, and what could be more fun?

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