Committed to public service

Postmedia checks on the welfare of defeated Conservative candidates.

A Postmedia News analysis reveals that 35 of the 141 candidates who lost at the polls received jobs in places such as the Prime Minister’s Office, Health Canada, ministers’ offices or on boards and agencies such as the Quebec Port Authority. In fact, Quebec candidates made up three-quarters of those who received federal jobs … “Partisan affiliation should not qualify someone for consideration, nor should it exclude someone from consideration,” Carl Vallée said in an email. “It shouldn’t be a surprise that people with the determination and guts to run to be an elected member of Parliament would want to serve the public in some capacity.”

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney tweeted last night that it was problematic to include political staff—those who work as aides to ministers and MPs—in this tally.

Ridiculous to mix political staff jobs w/ govt appointments. Of course political staff are political activists.This is news?

If you remove those 14 individuals, that leaves four senators, two diplomatic postings and 14 positions with government agencies or boards.

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