Damien Corsetti, former U.S. Army interrogator. “I firmly believe it was torture and unfortunately I took part in it. I was a believer at one time, I was. I guess this is just me trying to make it a little bit right. You know? Maybe get some closure to it. We’ll see.”

Bill Kuebler, Navy Lt.-Cmdr. and Pentagon-appointed lawyer for Omar Khadr. “The ball is really in (Harper’s) court now to take this issue up and work out some sort of an arrangement with the U.S. government and with us that would bring Omar Khadr back to Canada under conditions that are good for Omar and would make Canadians comfortable about bringing him back.”

Radhika Coomaraswamy, the United Nations’ Special Representative for Children in Armed Conflict. “We agree that the trial of Omar Khadr will be a bad precedent and will undermine international legal protection for children.”

Jamil Dakwar, lawyer with the American Civil Liberties Union. “This system is discredited and flawed and should not exist one day more, and certainly the signals that we hear from Washington, from the Obama transition team, are that he will act on it as soon as he is in office.”

In other news, Lawrence Cannon spent seven minutes on a Sunday TV chat show without commenting on or being asked about Mr. Khadr.

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