David Suzuki endorses Joyce Murray

The electoral cooperation candidate gets a boost

Yesterday, Judy Sgro became the 19th Liberal MP to endorse Justin Trudeau. This afternoon, Joyce Murray has announced the endorsement of David Suzuki.

Mr. Suzuki’s endorsement seems mostly to do with Ms. Murray’s positions on sustainability and the environment, but he also mentions her plan for electoral co-operation.

It’s possibly important to note that Ms. Murray’s plan for electoral cooperation and democratic reform is a bit different than Elizabeth May’s plan for electoral cooperation and democratic reform. Ms. Murray would have the Liberals, New Democrats and Greens cooperate to defeat the Conservatives and, as Liberal leader, she would explore changes to our current electoral system. Ms. May would have the Liberals, New Democrats and Greens cooperate for the expressed purpose of changing the electoral system: a Liberal-NDP-Green government would exist specifically and only to change the system and then, once that was accomplished, a new election would be called.

I find Ms. Murray’s plan problematic, but at least it’s less problematic than Ms. May’s plan (otherwise known as the Coyne plan), as I explained at some length last month.

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