Deadlines and timetables are the new black

Inkless Irregular Jack Mitchell is in serious danger of going home with all the non-existent steak knives in our First Annual frequent whenever I feel like it Inkless Research Quiz. Recall that we were looking for examples of Anglosphere political leaders explaining the dangers of fixed deadlines for Afghanistan (or Iraq) troop withdrawals. Here’s the memorable quote Jack found:

“”My hope would be that in the next year and a half, rather than just debating a date, we would talk about what the objectives of policy are,” Mr. Harper said at a joint news conference with Australian Prime Minister John Howard. “Canada went into Afghanistan because of very real reasons of national security and international security, and I believe that since we’ve been there, particularly in Kandahar, we’ve undertaken obligations.”

“I don’t see the United Nations telling Canada to leave on a certain date, or the Canadian military urging me to pull out on certain date, or the military families to do that,” he said. “I don’t see our allies urging us to do that. In fact I see allies like Australia that are increasing their commitment.”

And indeed that’s Stephen Harper, a year ago to the day.

The contest remains open. Entries in this comment thread or the original one. The ground is fertile, but new entrants are on notice that Jack has set the bar high.

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