UPDATED: Dear Liberal Party: Hey, that actually *was* an answer.

The official reply from Canada’s New Office of the Leader of the Opposition, in response to a query on recent reports that an edict has gone out to all Liberal MPs instructing them to decline all invitations to speak at “Gaza solidarity rallies” or risk not having their nomination papers signed in future, courtesy of  the very same Jill Fairbrother who was chided by ITQ for being needlessly circumlocutious when asked about the so-called secret pro-life caucus just last week:

“Absolutely untrue.”

Which is about as clear a reply as one could hope to receive. Anyway, unless someone – someone with a name, that is – is willing to step forward and say otherwise, it seems that this rumour can be considered officially debunked.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, Conservative MP Brian Storseth seems to be going further than any other Canadian politician to date in suggesting that both sides need to make concessions to resolve the current crisis, and has called on Israel to end its blockade. (I’ve been told that he actually put out a statement to that effect, but can’t seem to track it down.)