Duffy-Wright: The expenses, the severance and the investigation

More questions about Clusterduff

The Globe, Hill Times and Canadian Press delve into Mike Duffy’s expenses, while a former administrative assistant says she might be to blame for some of the problems.

The Globe and iPolitics consider questions about Nigel Wright’s severance.

Postmedia considers whether a police investigation would halt the investigations of ethics officers in the House and Senate.

Meanwhile, federal Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson is continuing — for the time being — her investigation into Wright’s activities. Asked whether the investigation into Wright’s actions will be halted, a spokesperson for the ethics commissioner said Wednesday “at this point no determination has been made.” The official pointed to section 49 of the Conflict of Interest Act, which requires Dawson to “immediately suspend” her probe if it’s believed an offence under an act of Parliament has been committed, or if the matter is referred to police for an investigation, or if a charge has been laid.

Dawson was forced to halt an investigation under section 49 of the act in November 2011 into former senior Harper aide Bruce Carson’s post-employment obligations, after his case became the subject of a separate investigation.