Fantasy government

Latest reports put a coalition cabinet at 24 members—18 Liberal, 6 NDP.

Latest reports put a coalition cabinet at 24 members—18 Liberal, 6 NDP.

Consider this a rough draft (uninformed by any inside information and based only on personal speculation).

For the sake of argument, let’s set aside the three Liberal leadership contenders. For one, they might be too fraught with political implications to be included. For another, they might be too busy promoting their leadership campaigns to be decent cabinet ministers anyway. For the record, if they weren’t embroiled in a leadership race, they’d all be in cabinet.

Prime Minister Stephane Dion
Deputy Prime Minister Jack Layton
House Leader Ralph Goodale
Finance John McCallum
Environment Thomas Mulcair
Defence Scott Brison
Foreign Affairs Irwin Cotler
Immigration Olivia Chow
Indian Affairs Todd Russell
Heritage Charlie Angus
Industry Joe Comartin
Agriculture Wayne Easter
Fisheries Siobhan Coady
Public Works Gerard Kennedy
Health Libby Davies
Justice Anthony Rota
Public Safety Ujjal Dosanjh
Transport Mark Holland
Natural Resources David McGuinty
Revenue Martha Hall Findlay
Trade Mark Eyking
Human Resources Ken Dryden
Intergovernmental Affairs Judy Sgro
Labour Carolyn Bennett 

For the sake of comparison, here’s how the Conservatives line-up along roughly the same positions.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper
House Leader Jay Hill
Finance Jim Flaherty
Environment Jim Prentice
Defence Peter MacKay
Foreign Affairs Lawrence Cannon
Immigration Jason Kenney
Indian Affairs Chuck Strahl
Heritage James Moore
Industry Tony Clement
Agriculture Gerry Ritz
Fisheries Gail Shea
Public Works Christian Paradis
Health Leona Aglukkaq
Justice Rob Nicholson
Public Safety Peter Van Loan
Transport John Baird
Natural Resources Lisa Raitt
Revenue Jean-Pierre Blackburn
Trade Stockwell Day
Human Resources Diane Finley
Intergovernmental Affairs Josee Verner
Labour Rona Ambrose