From 1914 to 1939 to now

Bob Rae recalls the historical precedents for the MV Sun Sea.

This past week Canadians have been subjected to wild rumours of disease rampant aboard the ship, and allegations that “terrorists” and “criminals” are about to run amok in the country.  Many urged the Canadian navy to board the ship in international waters and send them on their way.

Bishop Gervais’s admonition notwithstanding, it would seem some have learned very little from our past. Of course people paid to get on the Tamil boat, just as they did to get on the Komagata Maru, the SS St Louis, and Kastner’s train for that matter…

I’m proudest as a Canadian when we’re setting the right standard for the world.  We didn’t do it in 1914 for the Komagata Maru or in 1939 for the St Louis.  Let’s get it right this time.

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