Ghiz: “It’s important to remember that you don’t always win.”

Anonymous Liberal Sources stole a moment of PEI Premier Robert Ghiz’s time during his visit to the Liberal biennial convention. Here are some highlights:

JO: What’s it feel like to win? There are a lot of Liberals here who don’t remember what it’s like—or have never known what it’s like.

RG:  It’s important to remember that you don’t always win. I think the big thing to focus on is that all parties are going to be down and out at some point.  It’s about what you do when you rebuild to make sure that you’re going to be that positive alternative when the electors want to change their mind and elect a new government.

JO: The underlying conversation this weekend – at least among the media—is about leadership of the Liberal party of Canada. Your name has come up among the Ottawa chattering classes, as a successful Liberal premier who has rebuilt a party. What do you think about that?

RG: I think I’m young at this point. Not young, but maybe not at the right point of my life. I’ve got two young children at home—two and a half and nine months. I love what I’m doing in Prince Edward Island right now. But having said that, I love my country. I’m a firm believer in the Liberal party. You never say no. But for right now, I’m extremely happy where I am in Prince Edward Island.

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