GiornoWatch: The rise and fall of the Muttartian Empire

A glance at the Government Electronic Directory Services indicates some interesting changes

A glance through the latest changes to GEDS confirms that the Giornectonic plate shifting that began earlier this week continues to reshape the geography of the Langevinoverse.

The most visible change to the landscape, as of last night: Planning, Priorities and Research – created during the early days of post-Brodiean upheaval last July – has been divided into two distinct entities: Strategic Initiatives and Public Liaison and Planning and Priorities. Although the latter may retain all but the somewhat amorphous research designation from the previous office, it will be headed up by two imports from Policy: Jasmine Igneski and Amanda Philp.

The crew of the now mothballed PPR, meanwhile – including its director, Mark Cameron – will migrate en masse to Strategic Initiatives and Public Liaison, where they will be joined by two evacuees from the once seemingly unassailable Muttartian fortress of Strategy: Neil Desai and Rebecca Thompson, managers of community relations and public liaison, respectively.

Speaking of Strategy – and if the most recent trends in organizational nomenclature over at PMO are any indication, that’s exactly what they’re going to be doing a lot of over the next few months – Patrick Muttart may still technically be on the PMO payroll, but his sphere of influence is shrinking by the day. In addition to Desai and Thompson, the office has also lost its one remaining communications strategist, Michael Winterburn, who, as of yesterday afternoon, seems to have caught up with the rest of his kin and joined the Olsenian army over at Strategic Communications.

Meanwhile, over at Policy, as noted in yesterday’s edition of GiornoWatch, Darrel Reid’s name no longer appears as director; he is now a (or, again, possibly ‘the’) Deputy Chief of Staff; after surfacing briefly midway down the staff list over at Strategy, his listing now appears only on the front page, which means that, for the moment at least, he doesn’t appear to have any affiliation with a particular office. Also missing from the staff list, sadly, is former administrative assistant Garnett Genuis, possessor of one of the most fortuitous names that ITQ has ever encountered.

Finally, a few cosmetic changes: the awkwardly branded Personnel, Administration and Appointments is now just Appointments, and the Senior Advisor listing has finally been stricken from the GEDSroll, months after the office itself had been vacated by its previous inhabitant, Bruce Carson.

So, is that it for this round of Giornorchestrations? ITQ has no idea, but we’ll keep you posted.

UPDATE: Previously on GiornoWatch

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